Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apple iTunes (AVPlayer HD)

So Apple iTunes finally opened up for the Philippine market and I already bought a few songs in my catalog and will be looking forward to filling up my catalog with more songs and movies in the future. I like buying individual songs because back before, if I like a song, I needed to buy the whole album (in CDs), which most of the time is a waste of money because I really do not listen to all the songs in the album anyway so being able to buy individual songs is a big sigh of relief to my wallet and my ears in some cases.

I may also be buying some movies in the future but for the meantime I am loving the AVPlayer HD because of it's ability to play a lot of media file types like matroska files and also the file transfer is such a breeze. I could transfer my movies without plugging in the iPad to iTunes by simply choosing the HTTP file WiFi transfer, typing in the IP address shown to my address bar, and selecting the file to transfer and voila. Instant movie on the go.