Sunday, August 31, 2014


I am about to start a new job in the next few days (fingers crossed) as a proofreader for Thumbtack. It has been a norm for me to search and learn about companies I get to work with before I even start and so should everybody else. I was kind of hesitant at first because of some of the things I have read about Thumbtack but as I go deeper, I have learned a lot of things. For certain, I know that all the rumors about the company is not true especially because I have been accepted within the circle so I now know about things out-side people would not normally know and I could definitely say that what they were saying in the internet are not true. Secondly, I have learned why my job is actually important for the company. A lot of the customers and professionals catered by the company needs help so that they can attract leads.

Technically, there are a lot of things the company could still improve on, I know, but these are handled by a different team and I am sure they are working hard to improve the system especially because this company is still young. It started in 2009. If the company's business model has absolutely no potential, Google wouldn't have invested $100 million dollars in them. Now if I could just get a hold on some of those Thumbtack stocks before the company's IPO, I'd be set for life.

Anyway, so I see a lot of complaints from professionals saying they are not getting their money's worth, but I also see the thumbtack customer service hard at work in genuinely trying to help these people and actually getting positive results. Visit their Facebook page if you want to see this firsthand. Besides, what growing company would not go above and beyond in trying to keep their customers? And what company is perfect? Everybody has their fair share of detractors one way or another. The good thing about this company is they are constantly trying to improve and the journey may not be as smooth but at least they are on the right track. I have been online for a long time now and I know that people almost always voice out their complaints but not their satisfaction and though I have read complaints, I have also read a ton of appreciation for the company's services and that's what keeps this company going.

So, as what I have said above, I have learned the value of the job that I'm about to do for the company and as I went further with my investigation, my hesitation has turned into anticipation because I know that I may be making a difference for both the company and its clients. So I can honestly say that I am now excited to be a part of the Thumbtack family and I am looking forward to be a part of their community as well. Wish me luck!